NATA Preparation Strategies and Tips from Experts

NATA Preparation Strategies and Tips from Experts

NATA Preparation strategy and tips is the most searched on the net, as the NATA 2023 is approaching and every aspiring candidate must take all measures while preparing for the NATA 2023.

NATA Entrance Exam 2023

The NATA Entrance Exam is a competitive one. Here, we offer some of the most useful Tips on how to prepare for NATA 2023. The key information that each candidate for the NATA exam has to keep in mind while studying is available to candidates, here. If you want to learn more about how to get ready for NATA 2023, read the entire article.

NATA Syllabus and exam pattern

Knowing the complete syllabus is the first step in preparing for the NATA 2023 entrance exam. The courses and topics that candidates must research in order to pass the entrance exam are listed in the syllabus. Additionally, going through the NATA syllabus will aid candidates in making sure they are familiar of all the subjects they need to learn.

NATA Preparation for Single section exam

As per the latest NATA syllabus, we have compiled the syllabus as per the previous year and any changes coming from the exam authorities will be updated here.


Aptitude Techniques


Diagrammatic Reasoning

Testing the candidate ability of logical reasoning, using diagrams and scenarios

Numerical Reasoning

Testing the candidate's Mathematical ability through simple problems

Verbal Reasoning

Assessing the ability to assess verbal logic

Inductive Reasoning

Testing the ability to see patterns and analyse given data

Situational Judgment

Assessing the problem solving ability of the candidate

Logical Reasoning

Ability to recognize patterns, sequences or relationships between shapes and imagery

Abstract Reasoning

Assessing the candidate's general knowledge, and ability to utilize knowledge in new situations


NATA Syllabus – Section-wise breakup

Part Section NATA Topics
Part A -Drawing Test Understanding the important visual principles in a composition (2D OR 3D) such as balance, rhythm, direction, hierarchy, etc. Understanding geometry and the ability to visualize shape and solve geometrical puzzles to test spatial intelligence; Understanding color theory and the various terminologies to test color scheme awareness and knowledge; Visual system interpretation and perception to test graphical similarities and other properties; Ability to understand the spatial relationship between objects, and to visualize images and scenarios; Tests for cognitive ability: perception, attention, recognition, memory, etc.
Part B Mathematics Logarithms, Algebra, Matrices, Trigonometry,
Coordinate Geometry, 3 Dimensional Coordinate Geometry, Theory of Calculus, Application of Calculus, Permutation and Combination,
Statistics and Probability
Physics Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Optics, Dual nature of radiation and Matter, Atoms and Nuclei and Electronic devices
Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry; Structure of Atom; Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Bonding and Molecular; States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Chemical Thermodynamics; Equilibrium; Redox Reactions; Hydrogen; s- Block Elements p -Block Elements, Organic Chemistry.
General Aptitude Visualizing different sides of 3D objects, Objects, textures related to architecture and built environment,
Mathematical Reasoning, Sets, and Relations


NATA Exam Pattern (As per Last Year)



Mode of Examination


Medium of Examination


Duration of the Exam

3 hours

Number of Sections

The exam will have only one part- Aptitude Test

Number of Questions

125 Questions

Type of questions

Multiple-Choice type (MCQ), Multiple Select type (MSQ), Preferential Choice type (PCQ) and Numerical Answer type (NAQ)

Total Marks

200 Marks

Marking Scheme

The questions will carry either 1 mark, 2 marks, or 3 marks.


How to prepare for NATA 2023?

Top 5 useful NATA Preparation Strategies and Tips, which will surely come in handy for the NATA 2023 aspirants:

1. Practicing NATA Sample Test Papers, NATA Previous Year’s Questions Papers, and taking Mock Tests

Your initial NATA preparation strategies and tips should include One of the most effective success mantras is to continuously practice NATA sample papers, NATA Previous Year's Question papers or mock examinations. Candidates can learn more about the types of questions that will be asked in the exam by taking the NATA practice test. Additionally, effective time management, speed, and accuracy are three other factors that are crucial for cracking the NATA 2023. Candidates can develop their ability to manage their time, speed, and accuracy by completing sample papers and NATA mock tests.

2. Collect the appropriate Study Materials

Another important aspect of NATA 2023 preparation is choosing the proper book to use. This is the second and most critical phase. You're wasting time if you're not learning from the appropriate book. Thus, it is essential that all applicants become familiar with the NATA books that are most frequently cited and begin studying from them. The study materials you use should be comprehensive and well-compiled to provide the complete knowledge required to crack the NATA 2023 entrance exam.

3. Taking Short Notes to memorize and revision

Prepare brief notes to go with whatever topic you are learning. Revision is essential, and these concise notes will enable aspirants to revise quickly. Making quick notes beforehand can not only save you time, but it will also keep the subject in your mind. Candidates can read the notes at any time and anywhere.

4. De-Stressing Yourself

Being prepared is essential for success. Stressing out unnecessarily can only make you feel insecure. Candidates are urged to maintain their optimistic attitude, eat a balanced diet, and take care of themselves. They can only do this if they want to be as prepared as possible.


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5. Taking Professional or Expert Advice

It is always recommended to take professional or expert advice from a particular field. It is very important for your NATA 2023 preparation as it will provide you with an in-depth knowledge source and valuable insights that is very easy to get only from any previous NATA-qualifying candidate, or an expert from a professional field in the same industry.



So now that you have all the required data about the NATA Entrance Exam, followed by the top 5 useful NATA preparation strategies and tips, without wasting any more time…..Just go for it!


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