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Aasna Grover

NIFT Alumni


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Rashita Devakonda

Career Counsellor at NIFT Delhi


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Hariharan Tejas

Fashion Designer at Sabhyata


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Nishant Dwivedi

Fashion Designer at Rohit Bal Studio


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Amrita Agarwal

Auto Designer At Tata Motors


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

DFGurus is a Unique Initiative by DesignFresher to Connect Design Aspirants with Design Industry Experts. Our Experts shall answer Individual personal problems that Students & Job Seekers face in the Field of Design & Architecture

They might be from numerous Faculties and Departments of Design like Graphic design, a UX designer, a Product Designer, Design Career Counsellors or even well-known entities entirely from the Design Industry. 

A Design Fresher Guru's role is to assist aspiring and emerging Designers by imparting pertinent knowledge from a professional standpoint. They are a combination of Knowledge, Compassion, Experience, and Empathy.

A DF Guru can, not only assist you in setting and achieving goals, but they can also provide feedback and encouragement to help you develop and gain confidence in your endeavors. You can develop your network as well simultaneously practicing communication skills by developing a relationship with the DF Guru.

The Questions that you can as the DF Guru can range from anything to anywhere provided it is relevant to the Design field. People who have come in contact with such experienced professionals whom we refer to as DF Gurus have asked questions like : 

-The Best Advice they can give an aspiring student to help them reach their goals and achievements as the DF Gurur hold such experience and knowledge in the field of designing. 

-How you can encourage yourself to innovate ideas, any possible prominent way through which you can describe your Ideas through your design. 

-The Values you must inculcate so as to assist you in becoming a good creator.



But as the DF Guru's purpose is to solve your career problem. In this case, solving problems means eradicating the hindrances that come along your way to progress as well. Now there could be numerous types of questions haunting your mind. We insist on asking questions to DF Gurus relevant to design field only; now if there is some kind of serious matter going on in your mind even though not directly relevant but seemly hampering your progress you may take it up to DF Guru with proper permission and if considered then you may discuss it with DF Guru, and it will be completely upon DF Guru's discretion whether or not one is obliged to answer it not.

The questions asked on DF Guru are answered by numerous experienced almuni, toppers, faculty members, professors of various top design colleges and institutes. They are from various relevant Design and Architecture faculties and departments who carry a humongous experience aong with them in the field and studies, and research in Design and Architecture to guide you through your design career. They are the best Career Counsellors one can have.

Df Gurus are experts from Top Design Colleges and institutes both from India and overseas. They are Experienced Design Professionals working in the field for numerous years and have been gathering professional knowledge and expertise. In Addition to their knowledge and ideas in the field of Design and Architecture, they also have inculcated Corporate Managerial Skills as well which helps a lot while handling Teams and maintaining Customer liaisons.

Its Just 4 Simple Steps and You Are Ready to Start on DF Guru:

1. Click on the "Ask a Question" Button

2. Register With Email ID and Generate/Input Password

3. Click Login

4. And You Are On -  Go for It!


The Design Fresher Gurus are completely there for "YOU" to answer "YOUR" Questions. Each and Every Question coming from any Design Aspirant will be considered as an individual question and hence will be provided with a personalized answer. As we said the DF Gurus are Career Counselors also putting in their fullest efforts to provide individual-centric problem-solutions and create an atmosphere for you to Grow and Rule the Design World.