What Subjects are taught in Craft Design?

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Saikat Saha 21 May, 2023 15:25 PM
Design Fresher

Subjects are taught in Craft Design

Craft design is a broad field that encompasses various subjects related to artistic creation, craftsmanship, and design principles. The specific subjects taught in craft design can vary depending on the educational institution and program. However, here are some common subjects that are often included in craft design courses:

Design Theory: This subject focuses on the principles of design, including colour theory, composition, form, and function. Students learn how to apply these principles to craft projects.

Materials and Techniques: Craft design involves working with different materials such as wood, metal, glass, ceramics, textiles, and more. This subject explores various techniques and processes used in working with these materials, including carving, moulding, weaving, soldering, and surface treatments.

Craft History: Studying the history of crafts provides students with an understanding of the evolution of different craft traditions, styles, and cultural influences. It helps develop a contextual understanding of craft design and inspires creativity.

Craft and Culture: This subject explores the relationship between craft and culture, emphasising the cultural significance of craft objects, traditional practices, and indigenous crafts. Students learn about the social, historical, and cultural contexts in which crafts are produced and consumed.

Craft Marketing and Entrepreneurship: In this subject, students learn about the business aspects of craft design, including market research, branding, pricing, and marketing strategies. They explore how to promote and sell their craft products effectively.

Sustainable Design: With increasing awareness of environmental issues, sustainable design has become an important aspect of craft design. This subject focuses on incorporating sustainable practices, materials, and techniques into craft projects, minimising environmental impact.

Studio Practice: Craft design programs often include studio-based courses where students have hands-on experience creating their own craft projects. These courses provide opportunities to develop technical skills, experiment with different materials, and apply design principles learned in other subjects.

Craft and Technology: This subject explores the integration of technology and digital tools into craft design. Students learn about computer-aided design (CAD), digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing and laser cutting, and how to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies.

These subjects are meant to provide a general overview of what you might expect in a craft design curriculum. It's important to note that the specific subjects and course offerings can vary between institutions, and some programs may focus more on specific craft disciplines such as ceramics, jewellery design, or woodworking.